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Manager Platform Guide - Can I share my offering publicly?
Manager Platform Guide - Can I share my offering publicly?

You can share a public link with anyone to promote your offering

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At any point during fundraising, you may want to send an offering notification to one or more contacts on your list of prospects for the offering. But what if you want to promote this offering to people who do not have access to your investor portal? Or maybe share your offering with your LinkedIn or Facebook contacts? In such cases, you can share a public link of your offering with anyone, registered or not.

To get a copy of the public link for your offering, from the Home Dashboard:

=> Select Menu

=> Select Offerings

=> Click on the Offering name

=> Select More Actions

=> Click on Share offering

When you select Share offering, you will see the screen with a message and the link. Click on Copy link and the public URL for the offering will be saved to your clipboard.

You can now paste the link in an email, social media post, or document. Anyone who accesses the link will be able to see the details, photos, and documents related to your offering. Potential investors viewing the public offering can opt to create an account with you, but only users with access to your investor portal can make an offer.

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