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Manager Portal Guide - How can I notify prospects about an offering?
Manager Portal Guide - How can I notify prospects about an offering?

You have several ways to share your offering with potential investors.

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Once you identify an investment opportunity and create the offering in your Groundbreaker account, you want to make sure that potential investors can access the information they need to invest with you. You have a few ways to share your offering with potential investors.

Share a public link to your offering

You can create a public link to your offering and share it as broadly as you like. While individuals with the link can see details, photos, and documents you have added to describe your offering, only users with access to your investor portal can make offers. This is a great way to increase visibility and garner additional interest. This article explains more.

Send Email notifications

In your settings, you have several predefined templates. One of these is designed for offering notifications. You can use the default template or make your own custom revisions. You can find details about managing templates in this article.

Send notifications at the time you publish an offering

You can add a group of contacts and notify them at the time you publish an offering. This article takes you through this process.

Send bulk notifications to selected prospects

At any point during fundraising, you may want to send an offering notification to one or more contacts on your list of prospects for the offering.

=> From the Main Menu, click on Offerings

=> Select the offering

=> Scroll to the list of prospects

You can select one or several prospects by clicking on the box located to the left of the prospect's name.

Click on the box next to Contact to select all prospects.

Once the contacts are selected, choose Send invitation.

You have an opportunity to include custom text in the body of the email and choose to copy yourself. You can view and modify the email template by clicking on the icon located next to notifications.

Click on Review email, and a preview of the email, including your custom text, is displayed.

From here, you can click Cancel to go back to the prospects list, Back to revise the custom text, or Send notification to send the email to the selected prospects.

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Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact [email protected].

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