When you make a new offering available for prospective investors, you may want to notify some or all of your contacts. You can do this by identifying a contact group to add as prospects to the offering.

Add prospects at the time you publish an offering

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Select Offerings

If you are creating a new offering, click on Create offering and follow the steps. This article has more detail.

If you are adding prospects to a draft offering:

=> Click on the draft offering name

=> Click on Settings

Regardless of whether you are creating a new offering or are updating a draft, on the Ready to Publish page, you can select a group of contacts to be added as prospects to the offering.

If you don't have a contact group already defined, you can click Contacts page and you will be taken to the list of your contacts. On that page, you can create a contact group that you can then use here. This article has more detail.

When you select a contact group to add as prospects, you have an option to send an email notification. You may also elect to copy yourself and include custom text to be included in the email.

When you select Preview email, you can see how the email, including your custom text, will be rendered.

The content of the email is determined by the offering notification template defined under Settings - Notification. You can view and customize the template directly from the Publish page by clicking on notifications. This article gives you information on how to customize the template.

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